Well, the groundhog promised an early spring. The trees and flowers seem to agree. Unfortunately, so do the dandelions and wild onions. It’s not sunny, but it’s not cold and icy, either. Maybe tomorrow will bring some sunshine, like Annie promised. Like the hotel concierge in Cancun kept saying, “Rain today, but sunny mañana” when we visited many winters ago. Good thing he didn’t go into meteorology.

But rainy days are good. It’s a great time to catch up on reading and movies. Or even some extra work, since most of us are working from home anyway. And the grass and garden get a big boost early on. At least it hasn’t been heavy rains for us, so the buds and blossoms don’t get knocked off the trees just when they should be looking their best.

Weeping cherry tree in bloom in a light rain
Weeping cherry in blossom, in a light rain.

I’m looking forward to some cool, sunny days, though. Those are great for hiking in the mountains or working in the yard. Or reading on the porch or yard, for the folks that didn’t get enough rainy days to get through their book list. Plus, the vitamin D is always welcome. And the feeling of the hot sun on cool skin, or on closed eyelids facing just right.

As I write this, whether it is sunny or rainy or cold or whatever, just about anywhere in the world, we’re almost all in at least partial quarantine. It’s a different experience for most of us, and hopefully not to be repeated. Some folks are enjoying extra time at home, but for some it is too much, as home doesn’t pay the bills… And some have to avoid home and family to keep them safe, as they care for the ones already infected. And those who are either infected or most at risk may be experiencing the loneliest of times.

Opinions differ, as well, as some folks think the restrictions don’t go far enough, or didn’t start soon enough, and others are pretty sure these extreme measures are baseless and maybe even part of a nefarious plan. There’s also the guy who got to use the word of the week and “nefarious” in the same sentence. But enough about me; what about you? What would make your day? How are you taking advantage of the shift in lifestyle? Share in the comments, below.

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Corporate teleworker. Small business owner/entrepreneur. Son, Brother, Husband, Father, Grandfather. Blogger. Photographer.

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