Today I took a few minutes to increase my laptop performance by a little exercise we’ll call “reducing open browser tabs from 90 to 50”. A reboot was also involved, but between the two, it seems that the “Not Responding” message has gone away, if only temporarily. Before the cleanup, it was happening every few minutes. Seriously that bad.

But to be honest, I have at least 5 books that I’m actively reading, plus a couple or more that I’m listening to, and all the work issues that have to be fresh in my mind at every moment. Maybe my mental performance would be improved by some brain cleanup, but I’m not comfortable with the reboot part… It’s really to the point where it’s impossible for me to pay attention through an entire article on the benefit of focus.

On the positive side, I’m not a surgeon. Or a pilot. Or running a large country or an international health organization. A little lack of focus is not so harmful or even noticed, most days. Plus, do you really get more out of a book you finish than if you only read the first two-thirds? That’s not rhetorical–I really don’t know.

Seedlings I’ve started: the tall ones in the center are tomatoes, peppers are on the far right (just planted the seeds today), and on the left is stevia, which I thought would be fun to grow.

Now that it’s spring (or so the calendars indicate), I’ve started getting ready for the garden. In fact, I’m much more motivated to start the seeds than I am to weed and care for the plants once they are all the way out back in the garden. Lazy much? Plus there are the bugs, including the ants and stag beetles, with pincers in the front, or earwigs, with pincers in the back. But those guys are only armed to protect themselves. The real villains are the ticks. They are literally blood-sucking parasites. Even when they don’t give you diseases.

But we have deer ticks around here, and they can carry Lyme disease, and that is really bad news. Not only does it cause aches and pains and various other body issues, but it also causes “difficulty concentrating”. That’s just what I need. Or, maybe I’ve already got it.

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