Missouri. The “show me” state. That’s where we are right now, trying to find a place to live as we move into the next stage of our life’s adventure. For us, it’s more of a “look for me” state, as that describes our experience a little better. We started out planning to simply rent an apartment close to the office. By the time we came into town, we knew that the office would probably be closed for at least the rest of the year. So an apartment with plenty of space for working from home. Or a house. We could buy one. Forget renting.

We drove to a cute little town by the river, where my wife found a modest castle that was only double our budget or so. But interest in that home waned, as new locations and options needed exploring. Today, as we drove through a town farther south, we wandered up a road (it was even paved–not all of them are), and found a lake community. My wife was beaming. Even though we’ve “been there, done that” with the lake house thing, she didn’t get it out of her system. Opposite of that, in fact. And there was a sign indicating that a house in the neighborhood was on the market. We drove all around the lake (interesting and attractive houses, well kept), until we finally found a very large, very obviously out of our price range house with a three car garage and possibly four stories. It was listed for under one million dollars. One dollar under. Literally. The beaminess suffered a major setback.

Missouri Capitol Building in Jefferson City.
Missouri capitol building, in the midst of a $4 million facelift. And night time.

A bit later, we drove to Jefferson City, which is the capital of Missouri, for those who were unaware, which is 30 minutes or less from the office. Many cute neighborhoods with homes in our range, as well as other interesting features. As we drove south from Columbia, approaching “Jeff City”, we came upon a relatively large hill, and my wife commented on its size. As we came around the bend and headed down the hill, it provides a sudden, excellent view of the Capitol building. And then the incredibly flat area for much of the distance to it. In truth, the Capitol is on the other side of the river, and that side is pretty hilly.

For being the capital city, it’s not that big, which is fine. We were in St. Louis over the weekend, and that’s more than big enough to make me appreciate the smaller options. But there is something to be said for a city large enough to support dozens of restaurant choices. Columbia is not a large city, but it is a college town, with Missouri University, Columbia College, and several others. All those students have amazing dining budgets, so the restaurant scene is thriving. We looked at houses in a very small town, today, where they don’t even have a grocery store. If we move there, I hope we really like that one restaurant.

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